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Use of Steiner Ranch Facilities Petition

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Can you imagine our community without some of the groups that make it so desirable?  For example,  what would Steiner Ranch be like if there were no soccer or football teams using our fields, no tennis leagues using our courts, no swim team using our pool?  The result might be that it is easier for individuals to use certain facilities.  But we would also lose a big part of what makes our community a great place to live.  There are certain procedures in place within our Home Owners Associations (SRMA and SRROA) to make sure that when a group is approved to  use a facility, that group will be a positive enhancement to our community.  This ensures that there is a balance between the benefits of allowing teams  a level of exclusive access to certain facilities versus the inconvenience to individual homeowners when those facilities are unavailable.  We understand that it can be frustrating when a certain tennis court or athletic field is not available, or the Bella Mar pool is crowded/closed due to swim team.  It is important that our HOAs have the ability to evaluate and make decisions that is best for our community as a whole by designating certain facilities for team sports.

The SRMA board is currently faced with the dilemma of a few individuals complaining because a group is using one of our facilities.  This group is made up of Steiner Ranch residents who have followed all existing procedures and rules to determine use of the facility.   The SRMA is thinking about rescinding or amending the agreement made to that group about the use of the facility based on an individual complaint where the individual feels inconvenienced because the group is being allowed to use the facility.

We would like to express our support for designating certain facilities for team use.  For example, the courts at Town Center are better suited for team tennis due to the number of courts (4) and their proximity to one another. There are two other sets of tennis courts that would be open to use.  The pool at Bella Mar was designed to be a competition swim pool and therefore would be the preferred choice for neighborhood swim teams.  There are three other neighborhood pools available for the homeowners.  If you would like to show your support, click on the following link to sign a petition which will be sent to the HOA so that they understand that the general community supports their ability to uphold contracts they have put in place for the overall good of the neighborhood.  We do not support breaking of a contract solely based on a few homeowners when there has been no violation of the contract.

Elicia Michaud

Elicia Michaud

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