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Steiner Ranch Primary Care

I have been a patient of Steiner Ranch Primary Care for quite a while now and was always very happy with their service and convenience. However, since the absence of Dr. Miller, things have gone downhill. I tried about a month ago to refill a recurring prescription and was told I’d need to be seen by the new doctor (Dr. Claudia Legere) before I was given a refill, however she was on vacation for a week – oh well.

Since then. I’ve tried to get in three times for various reasons (including that refill) and could never get in within 3 days. Yesterday I came down with something nasty (bronchitis?) and thought, “great, I’ll make an appointment, get an antibiotic, and finally get that refill.” I called them up and was pleasantly surprised to get an appointment the next day at 12:45, which I repeated back to them and immediately wrote down.. No such luck! I got there early, pleased to see NO ONE in the waiting room only to be told that they had me down at 11:45 and could not see me, and no, they wouldn’t refill my prescription. I asked why they didn’t call me at 11:45 – I live two minutes away and could have been there immediately. The reception said, “we don’t do that, we assume you forgot.” That was the last straw!

I called River Hills Family Medicine (in River Place) and explained the situation. Even though I was a NEW patient, they got me in immediately. Their staff is pleasant, professional, helpful, and compassionate. They have been referred to me by many people in the past – I’m just sorry I didn’t listed to them sooner!

Has anyone else had similar issues since they went down to only one Dr. at Steiner Ranch Primary Care? They were an excellent addition to our great community. I hope they can work on their customer service, and stay. Until I hear differently, though, I’ll happily drive the extra 5 minutes to see a Dr. who actually cares about her patients.

Elicia Michaud

Elicia Michaud

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