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Patching up 620 and other road work

So I see there is road work being done on RM 620 starting this week between 2222 and Quinlan Park Road. The trucks and other road equipment is right past the church on the lake. I fail to understand what they are doing. It seems like they are patching certain sections randomly. I did some research in the TXDOT database and found this link. Key points from it are 2.6 million dollars for this work??? With that kind of money you would think they were repaving the whole stretch that is under construction and not patching. Maybe they are starting out with patching and will come back and repave the whole road. It also says 620 from 2222 to the Colorado River Bridge. So maybe they are going to finish up patching really bad sections in between those two points on 620 and then go to repaving the whole thing. Either way they say it will take 59 working days, so I hope our taxpayer/gas tax money is going to repaving the whole road and not patching the road indiscriminately. Hereis the stretch on Google Maps.

The other road work I saw being done was on Quinlan Park. I know they repaved Quinlan Park from 620 to the first intersection of Steiner Ranch Blvd, I believe they should repave Quinlan Park Road to the next stop sign. That stretch has a lot of potholes. I saw some patch work being done on Friday, but I still see a lot of cracking on the road that will only get worse with what is expected to be a hot summerthis year.

Elicia Michaud

Elicia Michaud

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