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New long term traffic issues to solve non-existent problem

I drive like maybe half of the people leaving Steiner down 2222 towards 360 and thanks to 2222/Lakewood this project. Details here and here. Picture below.

First a warning from Mark about more traffic cops

Just a warning – there has been an increase in traffic cops stationed on Steiner Ranch Blvd.  I drive it to and from work every day.  I was coming home late from a business trip about 3 weeks ago, and was pulled over and given a warning.  Not learning my lesson, I was ticketed one morning last week.  Last night, I was coming home late from work and saw another, but I was not speeding.  I’ve seen them out several times in the last month.  Most of the time they are either in the SELCO area or in the turn lane by the apartments.  Be careful!

Also, from what I’ve heard, there have been a lot of patrols in the evenings, looking for folks coming out of the Steakhouse or Fion areas.

Now about the 2222 situation, because of rain maybe twice a year causing flooding in that area they want to revamp the entire low water crossing and entrance into the Lakewood area. Now for the next 18 months (starting about a week ago) they have been moving utilities, maybe adding a lane to get onto 360 southbound which the latter has caused significant slowdowns because people don’t know how to drive normally when there are orange cones on the road. I am not sure what to do now… routinely the traffic is backed up on 2222 to where the tumbleweed hill ends around where the new light is before bell mountain. I think what people are starting to do is cut through River Place a lot more. I think the real nightmare will be when eastbound 2222 will be one lane after 360 and before County Line. Once that happens you can forget about getting through that in a reasonable time and getting to work. Another alternative is to go the other way around on Lakeway and then through Bee Caves to get downtown… might be longer but shorter.


Elicia Michaud

Elicia Michaud

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