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Negativity, whiners, criticism…

I read a lot of comments in the comments section about how this blog is negative and is full of whiners and does not offer any constructive criticism. I disagree. I think there are certain anonymous people that put up a comment and say something stupid and snarky and leave. I call these comments drive-by comments. I think that is a vocal minority that can be controlled. If you see something that looks stupid tell me and I can delete the comment. I don’t want one or two people ruining the tone of the blog and the comments section for everyone else.

That is one reason why now I am turning off anonymous comments. You have to enter an email address to post a comment. When I first started this blog over a year ago, I wanted anyone and everyone to comment. Now we have good commenters like Joanna, Lindsay, and Steiner Res to name a few that have good comments with a proper tone. Let’s not get personal, ugly or name names in the comment section, or they will be deleted.

Now on to the point about whiners and criticism. I also disagree with that moniker. In general people have nice things to say about many of the business in Steiner Ranch. Cups and Cones is universally adored as is Fion except when it first opened. Lakeside is on the whole positive, a few bad experiences here and there, but nothing terrible. The Market when it first opened had some things they needed to iron out and they have worked on it a lot and people have seemed to come around. I think The Market along with Cups and Cones are some of the business that actually read the blog and used some of the feedback to improve.

Let’s not let a couple of bad apples spoil the tone of the blog. I will delete comments that don’t go along with the tone I want this blog to have.

Elicia Michaud

Elicia Michaud

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