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Longhorn Network & U-Verse in Steiner

It was announced today that the Longhorn Network will now be included in the channel line-up for AT&T Uverse subscribers. I’ve already seen a half a dozen threads on Facebook from people inquiring about the service in Steiner. I’ve had Uverse in my last two homes and here’s what I’ve experienced. When I was in the back of the Headlands, I had constant problems. They literally came out several times a month to tweak things. Most of the technicians admitted that it has to do with how far away you are from their “hub.” I now live in Majestic Oaks, not too far off of Steiner Ranch Blvd., and haven’t had any problems. I don’t know exactly where their hubs are located within the neighborhood, but it’s probably safe to assume that the farther you are off “the main drag,” the more problems you will have. Please comment if you have any location specific input to share with your Steiner neighbors.


Elicia Michaud

Elicia Michaud

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