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Interesting Article and Update

Saw this article a while back in the Statesman. Some key parts below:

It wasn’t impressive. Two small roads intersected at a 7-Eleven store surrounded by underbrush. But it had potential. The government was planning to expand RM 620 and RM 2222, making the area a nexus of commerce.

Partly because of the flexibility afforded by the preserve, thousands of homes and other projects were built by various developers in the Four Points area, said Kevin Connally, Travis County’s preserve manager. Four Points itself is now split roughly in half: On the east side of RM 620 is a large shopping area anchored by an H-E-B; on the west side is the old 7-Eleven near a relatively new Home Depot, surrounded by thousands of undeveloped acres.

Ironically, the preserve is a measure by which Purcell illustrates his frustration with the government. Much of the Four Points land immediately east of RM 620 once belonged to Purcell. He said that of the approximately 2,000 acres that his lenders took through foreclosures, about 1,200 wound up in the preserve.

I always wondered about the land across the HEB at Four Points. I guess we know the reason why its not developed now and might not be for a while until the economy picks up again. A nice graphic from the statesman:

Also an update from the comments about the coyotes on the Steiner Ranch HOA site.

Elicia Michaud

Elicia Michaud

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