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Car Decals and Child Safety

I see these decals on a lot of cars in Steiner and often wonder how many people even consider their children’s safety when advertising to the world their child’s name, age, hobbies, school, etc… A lot of people move to Steiner Ranch because it is considered to be such a safe place to live, so why invite trouble?  This issue isn’t limited to car decals.  I see homes with huge signs in the front yard basically advertising that a cheerleader (football player, band member, etc…) lives there, with the child’s name.  So now, anyone driving by knows their name, and can easily ascertain the child’s whereabouts at a given time (practice, games, etc…).   Armed with this information, child abductors can pose as ‘family friends’ who are sent to pick up ‘Billy (whose hobby is basketball)’ from XYZ School. Mom and dad were allegedly  in a car accident (yes, the abductor knows the make and model of the mini van and even the license plate number!) and won’t make it on time to pick up the child.   Something to think about.

Elicia Michaud

Elicia Michaud

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