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What is wrong with these people?

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Last night the wife and the kiddo went downtown and we stopped by the food trailer area on South Congress and saw the original Hey Cupcake and Hudson’s on the Bend’s version of trailer food The Mighty Cone. Also during the week for lunch went to the new (to me) Chuy’s on William Cannon and Mopac. Both places had good traffic and talking to the staff said that they are doing good business and they are always packed at peak times.

So Why WHY WHY can’t someone bring more stuff like this to Four Points instead of building more empty commercial (witness the empty building behind Wells Fargo and the other empty building near the HEB gas station and the used car dealership).

We can easily sustain any one of these places, I bet the Hey Cupcake business is thriving in its location. There is no competition. There is a huge demand for stuff like that out here and no one to fill it. If they built a Chuy’s or Trudy’s out here, they would mint money. I just don’t get it. Does anyone else?

Elicia Michaud

Elicia Michaud

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