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Wag A Bag gas…

Got this info from Steve. Did anyone have similar experiences?

I am a resident of Steiner Ranch and have lived there for just about 2 years.  Yesterday something happened to my wife’s car and I wanted to get the word out.  Yesterday 8/25/08 she filled up her empty tank with Supreme Unleaded on pump #1 at the Steiner Ranch Wag-a-Bag.  She only drove less than 2 miles home when her car suddenly froze up.  It started shaking and then just shut down.  We had it towed to the dealership and after running some tests that found that the gas in the car had an ethanol level that was way too high which caused the fuel injector to burn up.  The damage caused will cost $1400.  We called the Wag-A-Bag to let them know and they said that they would tell their supervisor and he would call us back.  A couple of hours later nobody had called us back so I stopped by to talk to someone there.  They just said to be patient and wait for a call but I noticed that they had not shut the pump down and people were still getting gas from it.  I asked the guy working there and he said that they hadn’t received any other complaints.  I just want to let people know that if they have had or do have any serious problems with their fuel injection systems on their cars that they may want to retrace their steps and see if they put in supreme unleaded from pump #1 at the Wag-A-Bag.  Finding the bad gas isn’t easy and some people may end up replacing their fuel injectors only to burn the new ones out again.  If anybody else has any problems I would love to hear about it because apparently problems such as this are more common than you might believe.  I’m still waiting to hear from my insurance company to see if this is covered.

Update: All’s well that ends well. Steve sent this update

A lot has happened since I sent this. The Wag a bag did an analysis of their gas and found water in it. Apparently it has caused some problems for more people than us. They have been very helpful though and offered to fully reimburse us for all repairs.

Elicia Michaud

Elicia Michaud

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