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Taco Cabana next to Taco Bell at Four Points

I am a frequent Taco Bell eater (also known affectionately as Toxic Hell), and I always saw the blank space next to the McDonald’s on the corner of Four Points Drive and 620. I saw them clearing the land recently and always wondered why that tract of land was never built along with the Lamb’s Tire and Automotive, Taco Bell, and McDonalds. Now it makes sense after reading this article, Scholtzskys owned the land for a long time and sold it to Taco Cabana in the end of 2005 and Taco Cabana will open a store probably by the end of the year looking at what stage it is right now.

The thing I don’t understand is that why would you have two Mexican fast food joints within walking distance of each other. I am all in favor of retail, but this does not make much sense.

Elicia Michaud

Elicia Michaud

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