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Stranger Danger

Update: Check the comments… it was kind of a false alarm, but still tell your kids to be wary of strangers.

Got this post from an email:

I am a Girl Scout Leader, a mother to 3 children, a substitute teacher and volunteer with LWBE, and a friend to many residents here in Steiner Ranch.  I received a disturbing phone call this afternoon and I need to pass along this warning to ALL of my friends.  I hope you will pass it along as well.  As we enter the summer break from school, the children will be spending more time outdoors, and at times will be unattended by an adult.  It is important that we remind them to stay alert to STRANGERS and make sure the children know what to do in case someone does approach them.  The more people we alert, the safer our children will be.

Two siblings from LWBE were walking home from school today where Grandma was waiting for them.  The boy just finished 5th grade and arrived about a minute before his 3rd grade sister, who is in my Brownie troop.  The family happens to live behind the gates on Country Trails Road, and have a security camera installed on their home facing the driveway.  A newer model maroon Chevy pickup truck with either an extra door or an extended cab, and grey running boards,  pulled up to the home just a few seconds after the boy arrived home and had entered the house through the front door.  The driver of the truck was a white man, in his 40s, with a medium build and dark hair with a bald spot in the back.  He exited the truck and walked around the home, seeming to look for the boy.  He got back into the truck and was pulling out when the 9 year old girl arrived home.

He asked, “Do you need a ride anywhere?”

She shook her head and replied “No!” and kept walking.

The girl reports that she thought he was just a maintenence worker leaving her house so she wasn’t immediately alarmed, however he didn’t leave so she got spooked and ran into her home.  It is unclear to me whether he exited the car again at this time or not, but she was smart to run away.  It appears that he was interested in these children, and I am so thankful they were able to safely get into their home.   The police were informed and have viewed the video.

We live in a nice *bubble* here in Steiner, but this is a very frightening reminder that we cannot fool ourselves into thinking an abduction can’t happen here.  I am so thankful that the children knew what to do and were able to get home safely.  Please remind your children to stay vigilant and be alert to anyone in their neighborhoods that they do not know.  They should NEVER approach a strange car, they do NOT have to answer to a stranger, and its generally best if they are with a buddy and not alone.

Please forward this to anyone here in Steiner that you can so we can all be on the lookout for this maroon Chevy pickup truck with an adult white male driver in his 40s with black balding hair.  The truck bed did NOT contain a lock box or tool box.  If you happen to see anyone meeting this description call 911 and alert the police.  I hope you all have a safe and fun summer break — keep your children (and your neighbor’s children) aware of stranger danger and remind them of what they should do if approached by someone they do not know.

Elicia Michaud

Elicia Michaud

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