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Review of Soleil

Soleil is a new restaurant in the Oasis Complex. More details are here and here.

Also here is an anonymous review from one of our readers.

My husband read in the Austin Business Journal that it opened yesterday and it so happened we had a date night, so we went.  We have no affiliation with the restaurant, in fact we were our waiters first actual customers.  There was only one or two other couples and a small group there, it was pretty empty.  No marketing has been done for it that we or the waiter were aware of.

It is kind of like fine dining on the lake.  We were dressed casual, arrived around 7:30 pm, so it was dark already but I’d imagine it would have nice lake views as it sits next to the Oasis and faces the same way, we were seated next to a large, screened window and it looked like they had a decent size patio balcony for dining.  It’s a little spendy, prices would probably compare to the Steakhouse.  I had a glass of wine, pizza and chocolate mousse for dessert.  My husband had the chicken plate (plates were $20-40), our bill with tax was $50.  All of it was really good though, I didn’t have a salad because a small one was $7.  I think the prices fit the restaurant, just a little more than we would normally spend.

The decor was modern and nice for the most part except for the turquoise paper mache deer heads on one wall, they were kind of odd. It seemed like something you would find downtown. Service was excellent and friendly, if a little eager.  They seemed to have a pretty big wine selection and a full bar of course.  I hope they do some marketing and people go check it out as it would be nice to keep our options open out here.  There will be an Uncle Billy’s Brewery above it, you have to go to the right and up some steps when you are facing the Oasis entrance.  We had to ask the valet where it was since its not obvious and you don’t see the signs right away.

Elicia Michaud

Elicia Michaud

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