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Earth Day

Today is Earth Day and I am not going to say we should plant trees or sell our cars and buy Prius’ but…

Here are some simple things I think we can do.

  1. Tomorrow take all those HEB plastic bags and turn in five of them for a green reusable bag.
  2. Start recycling if you don’t already. Hereis a list of all things you can recycle with IESI our waste management provider. (IESI will collect and recycle aluminum and tin/steel cans, newsprint, #1 plastic & #2 milk/water jugs, and glass that only contained food or beverage. IESI will not accept glass soda bottles, glass milk jugs, pie plates, food trays, aluminum foil, aerosol cans, window glass, light bulbs, crystal, phone books, dishes, rubber bands, or plastic bags. )
  3. Reduce the postal mail that you get. Follow the instructions in this link. Whatever mail you do get, try and keep it in one box and recycle it all at once.

I think these are a good start. Use the comments to think of more. One thing a reader mentioned to me in email was a paper recycling can at the mail boxes. I know I would use that to throw away all those credit card offers we seem to get. I am going to try and talk to the HOA and see if this can be done. Any other ideas?

Elicia Michaud

Elicia Michaud

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