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Comment Roundup…

Since some people do not read all of the comments… I decided to do a comment roundup of the most interesting comments. Here goes everything.

Not many rumors posted but two new ones on thispost. One is the possibility of a sushi bar posted by Lindsey(my favorite commenter so far.. she has some good comments on some other threads), Also Mike the owner of Fion, who is more in the know than most people, is saying that there could be another eatery place next to Fion and the possibility of a childcare place and another coffee shop in the empty building by the fountain.

Just read the commentsabout The Market. I was not a big fan from the couple times I went. You be the judge.

Tutto Gusto has some commentsabout it also, but from driving past their parking lot, it does not seem to affect them.

Lindsey has another good commentabout Delicato that I agree with. She recommends Rise and Shine Bakeryover by Riverplace as an alternative… They are the people that have someone out in a costume on 2222 and Riverplace dancing around and asking you to come in. I have never been there, but I do like the Hook ‘Em Tacos place in the parking lot of Jack Brown Cleaners at the corner of 620 and 2222 on the right hand side past Walgreen’s. They have some pretty good tacos.

Lindsey also recommends Ernie Reyes Martial Arts in this comment. Sounds like a good way to get in shape quick.

Elicia Michaud

Elicia Michaud

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