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AT&T U-Verse, AT&T Cell Service and Jehovah Witness’

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All three are coming or supposedly getting better… I got the U-Verse sales pitch and decided to not go with it. I think it costs more than my current setup and while some things about it were better (free long distance, caller-ID, four streams of TV to watch and record), I did not feel it was worth the price increase. Have people been switching away from Time Warner/Dish/DirectTV to U-Verse? They are bombarding us with calls and mails and wondering how it is.

Cell Service has gotten better for Sprint Customers (when I first moved to Steiner I get a lot of dropped calls and bad reception in rooms of my house. Now it is much better. How about AT&T? I am thinking about getting an IPhone soon and was wondering how reception is in Steiner.

Also what do you guys say to people knocking on your door on Saturday mornings trying to talk to you about religion. It has happened every other weekend for the past few months… and I have tried to be polite but I just don’t want to have that discussion with them anymore. Any ideas? Do you think it is ok for them to knock on doors? Doesn’t Steiner Ranch have a policy against solicitors?

Elicia Michaud

Elicia Michaud

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